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Happy Clients Share Their Experience


My dealings with IMME Law were extensive. Iona made the Estate Planning process easy to understand, trusts, power of attorney and my will. There were a few extras that Iona made for me. A very good experience and affordable.
I would recommend this law firm to anyone. I also know others who have used her for smaller documents. I’d say get it done by IMME Law.
L. Lang Satisfied Client

I came to Iona to get my affairs in order. She explained to me what would happen to my property, assets and my loved ones if I did not do any planning at all. It was scary to learn that there are default rules under each states’ laws that would transfer my assets and burden my family in ways that I certainly never intended.  Iona made the process easy and streamlined and now I have peace of mind knowing that my family will be taken care of if something happens to me.  Iona also serves as a business and legal adviser for several of my ventures. Her advice, enthusiasm and clarity have proven invaluable.
C.B., International Broker and Business Owner

I turned to Iona when I was in a very scary situation with my business. Because I had not set up my company correctly and because I did not have the correct agreements in place, I found myself the subject of a government investigation that threatened to cost me tens of thousands of dollars in fines.  Iona came to the rescue. She worked with the government agencies to resolve the issues, so that I ended up paying no fines at all!  Then she went to work setting up my company in the correct way so that something like that could not happen again. Now, Iona is my trusted legal adviser. She reviews my business on a regular basis and makes sure that everything is running smoothly. It is such a relief not to have to worry about any it, and I can get on with the business of running my business.  Thank you!
T.M., Business Owner

I had Iona set up my company for the first time. Working with her was great. She set everything up in the right way and explained everything to me so that I could understand it. She now serves and my legal and business adviser: she reviews my business and its agreements on a regular basis and makes sure that everything is working just the way it is intended to. I highly recommend her to any small business owner.
Richard B. Entrepreneur